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Friday Music to Drown out the Screaming In Your Head

Christ, another day in Trump’s America that sees us on the brink of global war with the expected appointment of noted warhawk John Burton as National Security Advisor, a position that requires no confirmation but carries a lot of power. For those that don’t know the newest jagoff in this Catastrophic Circus of Cruddy Clowns favors preemptive strikes against North Korea and other enemies of America. I don’t know about you but I’m well past fed up with senior citizens driving this country off a cliff. The only thing these dipshits should concern themselves with is getting to Denny’s before 5pm for the Early Bird Special. Not gleefully smacking their lips with drool slicked mouths, liver-spotted hands poised over the launch button. Make America A Smoking Crater!

We are working on some new posts for you but in the meantime here are some of my favorite new songs. I’ll be featuring Red City Radio, and their amazing Sky Tigers EP,  and the Drones album Exiled in my March New Music review coming up in April.

These are all heavy on the guitars so make it loud, folks. Enjoy the preview and stock up your fallout shelter while listening to some rocking tunes!


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