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February 2018 New Music

What a difference a month makes! After January’s drought of worthy new tunes February brought the goods. I’ve got so much I want to share with you so let’s get to it!Bf SleepwalkersBrian Fallon – Sleepwalkers

Brian Fallon’s Painkillers was my favorite album of 2016 and his new Sleepwalkers will likely take the top spot for 2018. The ex (on hiatus) lead singer of The Gaslight Anthem has released his best solo album yet. For Painkillers, Fallon relied on co-writers and the production and musical contributions of Butch Walker to a large extent. The result is a great album that wasn’t that far removed from The Gaslight Anthem. This time Fallon takes the reins, limits the collaborations and takes more chances. There are still uptempo songs but the slower songs are more melancholy and wistful while still being easily recognizable as a Brian Fallon song. This is a great album with out a bad song on it, give it a spin.

3 Stand out songs: If You’re Prayers Don’t Get To Heaven, Sleepwalkers, Watson



thedeaddeads_sketchesanimation_ep_cd_2018_cover_final_spaceThe Dead Deads – Sketches & Animation

Nashville’s The Dead Deads have a 90’s Riot Grrrl sensibility of bands like L7, The Breeders, and Veruca Salt with clever lyrics and riff heavy songs. This new album is a double EP of 5 songs. For the first half, each song is played fully electric. For the back half the songs repeat as acoustic renditions that change their structure and feel. This a great album no matter which versions you prefer.

3 Stand out songs: Ghosts, Decay, Push Me (both versions)



turbonegroTurbonegro – RocknRoll MacHine

Yeah, that’s how the album title is spelled. Turbonegro is a Norwegian band that has been around pushing buttons for a while now. If you think their band name is borderline offensive you aren’t wrong and that’s the point. These guys take the lyrics and themes of Bloodhound Gang mixed with the straight forward rock chops of The Donnas. Songs like “On the Rag” and “Skinhead Rock & Roll” are not metaphors but while the content may be questionable the music backing it is not. This is a very fun album and I highly encourage rock fans to give it a listen.

3 Stand out songs: Hurry Up and Die, Hot for Nietzche, John Carpenter Powder Ballad

HD BlendinnHockey Dad – Blend Inn

This is the first time I’ve heard this Australian duo but Blend Inn is a great record. This is another band that hearkens to 90’s rock but in this case its Gin Blossoms and Soul Asylum with some Neon Trees thrown in for good measure.

3 Stand out songs: My Stride, Homely Feeling, Disappoint Me

olp somethingnessOur Lady Peace – Somethingness (2018)

OLP released this as a 4 song EP last year but have now expanded it to 9 songs. It’s still barely a full album but I’m not complaining. I’ve been a fan of the band for 20 years now and this is their best release in a while.

3 Stand out songs: Head Down, Nice to Meet You, Drop Me in the Water

As always if you like the music featured here please check out the full album on your streaming service of choice and then BUY the music on mp3, cd, or vinyl. Make sure to check out the bands when they come to your town on tour as well!

What did I miss? Comment below to tell me what you think!

See you next month!

Artists Featured:
Brian Fallon
The Dead Deads
Hockey Dad
Our Lady Peace

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