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About Criticult

Greetings, people of Earth!

We know what you’re thinking.

“What is…Criticult?

Well, Criticult began in 2003 as a way for good friends to share their thoughts on movies, television, books, music, games…whatever. Without being able to talk on the phone or hang out every day and chat, we decided it would be fun to start a site where we could share ideas. It was also fun to collaborate in a friendly, creative environment with like-minded people.

Ok, sure. That’s a great, cool story. But what IS all this?

We’re not attempting to come across as a traditional entertainment-oriented site. It wouldn’t be any fun to stay on top of every new movie release, every popular television show, and all the latest video games and music. There are plenty of sites for up-to-minute reviews if you want that. Our approach is just to live life and document the entertainment experiences that make the biggest impression on us. It could be a film, book, album, or anything and everything in between. It could be something old or something new. It depends on what grabs the writer’s attention, what kind of day they’re having and whether this week’s episode of Westworld was a head-scratcher or a head-banger.

First and foremost, we’re indulging our interests. But we also strive to be champions of new and exciting things, not just what’s commercially popular or trending in the news. You never know what we’re going to talk about. Maybe the new Marvel movie. Maybe a K-Pop album. Perhaps a deep dive into the finale of a television show from a decade ago. That’s part of the fun for us, and we hope for you too.

So welcome! Read, comment, and commence shenanigans!! 😉

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