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The Grammys Hate Us

Another Grammy awards come and gone. I enjoyed not watching it. Hard rock has been pushed in to the un-televised award ghetto and the classification for “rock” is so bizarre it’s practically meaningless. To put it in perspective the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences looked at all the albums released last year in the Hard Rock/Metal category and in their infinite wisdom gave the award to Tenacious D for a cover of a Ronnie James Dio song, “The Last in Line”, from the This is Your Life tribute album. To repeat, the dipshits gave a GRAMMY Award to a joke band for a cover. A cover, mind you, that includes a fucking PAN FLUTE SOLO. If that doesn’t prove to you how little the Grammy Awards care about rock music I can’t help you.

Beck won album of the year. Show of hands if you knew he even had an album last year. Keep them up if you cared. Keep them up if you listened to it. Ok, Beck, put your hand down. I didn’t raise my hand during that hypothetical exercise because I don’t like Beck. I didn’t like him when he was an emerging critic’s darling. I didn’t like him when he was an established critic’s darling. And I don’t like him as a comeback critic’s darling. I find him to be boring as a mother fucker. So the hissy fit Kanye naturally threw when Beyonce didn’t win best album is hilarious to me because I hate everyone involved.

If the only exposure you have to music is via what the Grammys nominate than I pray for your soul. You are a sad, sheltered individual with absolutely abhorrent taste in music.

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