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Goodbye Parks & Rec.

I’m going to miss Parks & Recreation more than any other long running show that ended this season. Parks was always funny but more than that it was sweet and nice and no matter how bad my day was when it was on it always cheered me up. Leslie Knope is possibly my favorite television character of all time because of what she represented: unwavering optimism in the face of overwhelming obstacles. The show wasn’t cynical, it wasn’t all that trendy, it was just damn funny and filled with people I really liked spending time with. At least they went out on a high note because this last season was amazing. The Emmys can suck it in advance since they are going to ignore it as always.

One final note, fuck you NBC. You shuffled it around the schedule, unceremoniously burned off the final season in hour long chunks and then had the audacity to bump the finale to 10pm for the fucking Voice auditions? Assholes.


Knope in 2016!

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