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Trailer Round Up – July 2018

I was less than impressed with the poster for Aquaman, it looks like the marketing department was under deadline and gave it to an intern to work on during his lunch breaks. Look at this thing, it’s mesmerizing in its awfulness:

The Academy Award for best use of the “clone” tool in Photoshop goes to…

However like truly great art every time I look at it I see something new. The killer whales in formation, the sun under the ocean, Aquaman is wearing leather pants underwater, the only sharks in the ocean are Great Whites and Hammerheads, it’s a smorgasbord of lazy design. Which is why I was shocked and surprised to find that the trailer…isn’t bad. At least it doesn’t look as “Grrr GRIMDARK!” as the woeful Justice League and Batman vs Superman movies. It looks like DCs take on Thor: Ragnarok which I can fully support. There is far too much dodgy CGI but at this point that’s the DCU’s calling card so it seems wrong to complain.


Next up we have Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Technically this is part 3 in the series, following Kong: Skull Island. It looks beautiful, has a great cast, and I’ll admit a few of the shots gave me chills. This may be something special and with Michael Doughtery at the helm (Trick ‘r Treat, Krampus) I’m all in.


Finally the long awaited trailer for Glass has hit the interwebs and I’m intrigued. I enjoyed Split quite a bit and Glass looks to be continuing the story of super heroes in a non superhero world uniting David Dunn, Mr. Glass, and The Beast in a battle royale. I’m hot and cold with M. Night Shyamalan (I hate hate hate hated this movie), and the release date is January 2019, normally a dumping ground for studio crap. But this one looks solid.


Finally we have The Predator. I’ll be honest, this looks like moldy garbage but it’s written and directed by the great Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Ironman 3, The Good Guys, creator of Lethal Weapon and The Last Boy Scout) so I’m inclined to give this movie the benefit of the doubt for now until the reviews start coming.


Tell us what you think about these movies in the comments. Are you excited? Angry? Aroused? (ew.) Nonplussed? Let us know!


As a special bonus to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of one of the greatest action-horror films ever made here’s the newly remastered trailer for Aliens! Time to get it ON!

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