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New Music Sunday – August 20, 2017

Long time readers know that music has always been a big part of Criticult. I’m always on the lookout for new music and new acts that excite me. As bad as streaming payouts are for the artists, and it’s horrible, this is also an exciting time for the listener because we have access to so much music. Between streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud, Pandora, iTunes, Vimeo, and YouTube – to name a very few – it is absolutely impossible for a music lover to be without new tunes if they are only willing to do a bit of digging.

I enjoy the digging. As our good friends at Cobras & Fire: Rock Podcast love to point out “Rock’s not dead, it’s hiding.” And you can take that a step further to say it’s not just rock that’s hiding but good music in general. It IS out there. And while I know we may disagree on what constitutes “good” my goal is to highlight bands and artists that I dig and hopefully inspire you to buy some music from the artists that you dig too. Because there is almost no one getting rich making music now and that is especially true for the unique that have something to say. You know, like the super serious pirate metal maestros Alestorm!

So while Jack Burton and I are both working on some fresh new reviews give these vids a click and if you like what you hear track down the albums on your streaming site of choice. Then go to the artist site linked at the bottom of this post, buy the album, get a t-shirt, pick up a beer coozy, whatever floats your boat. Most important though, go see these folks when they come to your town. After all, music is meant to be shared!

First up, the lead single of the brand new album from Shaman’s Harvest, Red Heads Black Deeds. Full review of this one will be coming. Takes a bit to chew through but once you give it a few listens its a meal worth coming back to.

“Tusk & Bone” is an absolutely gorgeous acoustic ballad putting lead singer Nathan Hunt’s powerful voice front and center until lead guitarist Derrick Shipp closes the song with a soaring solo.

90’s pop-punk/ska band Goldfinger have returned after many years away with The Knife. And by “returned” I mean lead singer John Feldmann put together an entirely new band (including Travis Barker on drums and Mike Herrera from MXPX on bass). That said, if you were a fan before you’ll be happy to know this version of the band is more of the same catchy-as-hell melodies and sing along choruses that Goldfinger was known for.

First up the super-ska infused “Tequila Sunrise”.

“A Million Miles” wastes no time announcing the band’s return with all the fire and bluster Goldfinger is known for.

Not a new band but maybe one a lot of folks don’t know is still around is up next with Alice Cooper. Alice returns with Paranormal and I think it’s one of his best in years. Reunited with several members of his original band this is a reinvigorated Alice and the album has more hits than misses.

“Paranoiac Personality” is up first because this damn song gets stuck in my head once a day at least.

Next up is the honky tonk swing of “Fallen in Love” that enlists Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top for the additional swagger.

I’ll close this out with one more from Alice because the man does not get near enough love. I’ve always really enjoyed it when Alice role plays as a new narrator and it doesn’t get much more role playing than switching the view to a teenage girl. Here’s “Genuine American Girl”.


That does it for this installment. Remember if you like what you heard please go check out the websites below and start doing your own deep dive.

Featured bands:
Shaman’s Harvest
Alice Cooper



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