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TylerDFC guest stars on rock podcast Cobras & Fire!

p013gg1wAfter months of secrecy I can finally reveal that the rumors are true. Several months ago I was asked to guest host on the Cobras & Fire podcast and after several rounds of emails, and one exchange via smoke signals, I graciously accepted. We negotiated the rider, came to an acceptable agreement on back-end points and I flew to [REDACTED] on the [REDACTED] which I have to say was surprisingly [REDACTED] for it’s [REDACTED]. I’ll tell you this, I’ve never had lima beans while [REDACTED] before!

We had a lot of fun recording this episode which featured punk rock tunes and some of my recent concert experiences. So much so that after much discussion Jack and I are contemplating a foray in to the lucrative and not at all psychologically damaging realm of podcasting. More on that later I’m sure.

For now, enjoy the the fruits of my labor! The show can be found streaming on SoundCloud (linked here) or you can just listen on your podcast app of choice. I hope you like it! Be sure to follow Cobras & Fire on Facebook at: Cobras & Fire: Rock Podcast.


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