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Trailer Roundup 07/30/17


It’s been a while, but here we are again with what I hope will now be a monthly look at a handful of interesting new trailers and what we think of them. This month, we’re going with a sci-fi theme. Giant robots, superheroes, shows about heroes without those heroes in them, and more superheroes! Excelsior!

Pacific Rim: Uprising (2017) Teaser

In 2013, Guilliermo del Toro introduced us to the fictional world of Pacific Rim, and the real world – at least the five percent of it that resides in the United States – responded with a collective “meh”.

It would not be until November of 2016 that so many Americans would again be THAT goddamned wrong about the same thing at the same time.

Let me rephrase that. Audiences loved Pacific Rim. But the Goodfellas of giant fighting robot movies  needed much more than the ham-handed marketing campaign Warner Brothers trotted out in advance of its release. The rumor is that they didn’t know how to market the film, since it wasn’t based on an existing property.

I’m not sure how it’s difficult to promote “Giant robots punching giant monsters in the face”, but I was never going to need convincing to see this anyway. The original trailer still arouses me just thinking about it.

I’m just not sure about that title. Pacific Rim: Uprising sounds like the bland title  you’d give the 5th film in a series. Certainly not the second, if you’re hoping to breathe new life into a cult franchise. Still, we know there will be giant robots punching giant monsters in the face, so my requirements are already met.

And, in a brilliant bit of cross-generational casting, they’ve replaced the departed Idris Elba with John Boyega.

It’s like they KNOW me.


The Defenders ‘Punisher Reveal’ Trailer (2017)

The unexpected team-up of Marvel and Netflix has certainly reaped rewards, producing three great shows, and also Iron Fist. On the whole, relegating Marvel’s C-list heroes to the small screen has allowed for more complex and satisfying storytelling.

And also, Iron Fist.

The union of all four shows is not a surprise, and this is not the first trailer for The Defenders. But it is the first one to confirm that John Bernthal’s Punisher (star of his own upcoming series) will be a part of this story, as well.

With minor exceptions, I have thoroughly enjoyed the ongoing Marvel/Netflix project. I don’t know if I’d call these “the greatest stories ever told”, but throw in the Punisher, and rest assured I’ll be glad to hear your case.

Also, Iron Fist sucks. I don’ t know if you knew that.


Krypton (2017) Teaser Trailer

Hey, you know what would be great? What’s that, you said? A show about Superman, but without Superman? What sorcery is this? Did you read my mind?

Yes, the Channel Formerly Known as Sci-Fi has chosen to ignore history’s warnings (Caprica, Star Trek: Enterprise…some say Gotham…) against prequel shows, and is offering up what looks like a soapy, high-tech look at life on Superman’s doomed home world of Krypton.

Granted, the best part of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel may have been the early moments that took place there. And if you could promise me puffy-faced Russel Crowe in a brass codpiece and cape every week, I would be willing to cut this idea some slack. But we both know that’s not what this is going to be.

Apparently shows about Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben’s Adventures in World War II (working title), and Wolverine’s Mechanic were already being developed elsewhere. Maybe Krypton will prove me wrong, but my money is on nobody caring what goes on in Superman’s life when he’s NOT around.


Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Official Trailer

I never thought that when I imagined “superhero fatigue”, I would think more of that “everyone shoulder-to-shoulder” Money Shot we apparently have to have in every one of these damn things, now.

That, the continuing sameness of the Marvel films, plus the madness that is the DCEU have certainly caused me to look at new superhero films with a jaded eye. Thankfully this year brought us Wonder Woman, and a fresh new take on Spider-Man. Now, one of Marvel’s least interesting heroes threatens to continue that upward trend with Thor: Ragnarok. 

I have no idea what this film is going to be about, although it appears to contain elements from several well known comic story lines. What’s more important is that Ragnarok seems poised to take some creative risks, albeit with characters that come with a lowered set of expectations.

If there’s anything the Thor series of films (and the tonally similar Doctor Strange) has taught us, it’s that the JV squad doesn’t have to play flashy to win.

Also, Jeff Goldblum in shiny face paint! Plus – I’m not sure what’s going on with the background music in this trailer, but please let that be in the whole movie.



Here’s hoping for the day we get a superhero movie that explains why indestructible people with unlimited strength need armor or weapons of any kind. 

The Trailer Roundup will return…

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